Kejuruteraan Pengetahuan dan Sistem Pakar
Knowledge Engineering and Expert System

This is one of the core courses for students in Information Technology undergraduate programme specializing in Artificial Intelligence. This course introduces students to the field of expert system in which concepts and definitions are discussed. Students will be guided to design and develop an expert system prototype; in addition, issues related to implementation and maintenance, as well as impacts of the deployed expert system are also discussed. 

Upon completion, the students should be able to:

  • Describe the concepts of ES, its components and development methodology.
  • Distinguish between ES and conventional system as well as the other AI systems.
  • Identify the appropriate real world problem to be solved using ES.
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to design and develop an ES prototype.
  • Explain the issues related to implementation, maintenance and deployment of ES.


STIN1013 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Syllabus & Notes

1.0 Introduction to Expert Systems    
2.0 Introduction to Knowledge Engineering    
3.0 Tools for Building ES  
4.0 Problem Assessment    
5.0 Knowledge Acquisition (KA)    
6.0 Design and Development of ES    
7.0 Testing    
8.0 Issues of Uncertainty    
9.0 Integration of Technologies    
10.0 Post-Development Issues    
11.0 Applications of ES    


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