Bahasa Pengaturcaraan Kepintaran Buatan
Artificial Intelligence Programming Language

Logic Programming (LP) is a methodology in programming which is based in mathematical logic. A logic program is a set of definition that describes a specific problem domain by means of logic formulas. LP is a paradigm of declarative programming as opposed to procedural one. This lesson is concerned with the basics of LP and introduction to its main representatives language, namely Prolog.

At the end of this course, the students should be able to:

  • apply the theoretical and practical skills on programming methods in intelligence Systems.
  • solve problem using logic programming.



Syllabus & Notes

1.1 Introduction to Logic Programming [ PPT ]
2.1 Facts, Rule, Query and Connector [ PPT ]
3.1 Recursion [ PPT ]
4.1 Constructing Prolog Program [ PPT ]
5.1 Computation and Data Structures [ PPT ]
6.1 Expressing Procedural Algorithms [ PPT ]
7.1 Prolog in Artificial Intelligence  


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