Sistem Pakar
Expert System

This course covers in depth concept of Expert System and itís development methodology. The course is organize to focus on Expert System development starting with the problem domain identification. Further discussion is focus on knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, the system and interface design and the design of the Expert System engine with the concentration on forward and backward chaining for rule based Expert System. Later, Expert System with inexact reasoning is discuss which include the topics on Probability Theory, Bayesian Theory, Certainty Theory and Fuzzy Logic. The concept of hybrid system and a potential Expert System hybrid are also introduce. 

At the end of this course, the students should be able to:

  • Discuss and elaborate the Expert System related concepts
  • Adapt Expert System development methodology in solving a real world problem.
  • Design and develop Expert System application/prototype.



Syllabus & Notes

1.1 Intelligent System and Expert System [ PPT ]
2.1 Expert System Development [ PPT ]
3.1 Problem Identification and Assessment [ PPT ]
4.1 Knowledge Acquisition and Analysis [ PPT ]
5.1 Knowledge Representation [ PPT ]
6.1 System Design [ PPT ]
7.1 Inference Engine Design [ PPT ]
8.1 Forward and Backward Chaining Rule-Based System [ PPT ]
9.1 Inexact Reasoning [ PPT ]
10.1 Hybrid System [ PPT ]


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Additional Materials

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